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Potty about Pottery

Potty about Pottery-Learning

I started off my first pottery class by making a vase for my girlfriend.  This consisted of 4 rectangular pieces of clay bonded together to form a square shaped vase.  Unfortunately the sides were different sizes, but this created a uniquely twisted shaped vase that I was proud of.  The clay I used was two colours overlapped which created a zebra effect.  For my first time doing pottery I was amazed at the results.

Wendy showed me how to clean the finished vase to make the vase look really good.  I was then showed how to turn clay on the wheel to make a small bowl.  This was tricky but with Wendy’s guidance it turned out quite well.  After painting and glazing it, the bowl looked very good and is actually useable for holding sugar or milk.  I also made a gravy boat – this was a bowl that went wrong but after adding a handle it came out very good!

I would recommend pottery classes to anyone as it boosted my confidence and brought out my hidden artistic side.

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Twisted vase

Twisted Vase

A 4 sided, twisted vase with Zebra effect pattern.

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